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Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 4

Thursday 29 October 2009, by I-WEI LI

Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 4 took place on 22.10.2009 with following programme:

Diana Arce – artist/filmmaker/activist – USA/Berlin

Politaoke, an audience participatory political karaoke bar, changes the face of politics and karaoke by allowing participants to take on the role of political leaders. Politaoke provides the audience a platform to perform, mock and finally hear and see clearly what their politicians say. Completely nonpartisan, Politaoke allows the audience to decide how to interpret each politician’s words, whether serious or in a sarcastic manner. The politician’s speeches and interviews are provided, word for word, only edited into sections (songs) of 1 - 8 minutes. Recent Politaoke covers last USA presidential candidates such as Barack Obama, John McCain, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Brian Moore, Gloria La Riva, Ralph Nader, et al. as well as the showstopper George W. Bush Jr.

Who needs American Idol when you could be a presidential candidate?

Bearpit Karaoke
Joe Hatchiban – founder of Bearpit Karaoke/performaner - Ireland

Berlin’s most celebrated Karaoke events - Bearpit Karaoke - has taken place in Mauer Park since spring 2009. Each Sunday, thousands of audience walk away with smiles on their faces and it is hard to believe such phenomenon only requires a cargo bike, a mobile sound system, a laptop and a sun umbrella for set up. Bearpit Karaoke sits right at the edge of interactive performance and popular culture, it is a real inspiration for many, Joe will share his insights and give us a tour behind the karaoke scenes.

Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces) & Shaping Lumber
Daniel Torarp – coordinator of Tomma Rum/artist/performaner – Stockholm/London

Tomma Rum (Empty Spaces)
Tomma Rum is an artist-led project, annually ambulating among regions in Sweden, that transforms unused properties into vigorous places of cultural exchange. Recurrent participant Daniel, will exemplify, with the aid of the site-specific work produced, the temporary, dynamic relations that arise between the participating artists and the local community. And suggest this interplay as an alternative or parallel, course of action to the well-known concept of gentrification.

Shaping Lumber
Today, Nature does not allow us to regard her as an endless resource and constant background, rather as a co-actor, as strong and fragile, living and mortal, as the human kind. However with the discrepant insight of her role as both prologue and epilogue to our own existence. Daniel aims to explore the possibilities of domestically processed wood and the debris of urban infrastructure, as material within the production of contemporary art.

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