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Creative Incubator Workshop

Wednesday 26 January 2011, by I-WEI LI

Creative Incubator workshop was first conducted in Nov, 2010 in Rio de Janiero, within 2 weeks, we launched Access online platform ( for different local community projects. The platform is developed with SPIP open source software by and SideBySide Studio, it works best with Safari or Firefox.

There are 3 important features about this platform:

  1. Community platform - it has the capacity to host hundreds or thousands of users.
  2. User friendly interface for multi-media publications – instead of having separate accounts with YouTube, YouTube, MySpace, or Flicker, users can publish video, audio, image, and text all in one channel without worrying about the file format.
  3. User = content provider = content owner – each user has full autonomy with the copyright, see creative common features on the platform.

We posted participants’ feedback and more workshop information here,
This first experimentation opened many possibilities for partner institutions and participants, we are excited to share the technology and strategies for international artistic and social collectives for thinking and working together.

Creative Incubator Workshop

Main Objective:

In this workshop, it is not only to discuss relevant and still open questions revolving around the notions of free culture and creative industries, but going one step further, building and creating a community among local creative practioners to launch a community online platform for diversified community projects.

This workshop could take place in two distinct steps:
Step A - Design and Develop specifications for Creative Incubator Online Platform

  1. Investigate the notions of free culture and creative industries
  2. Differentiate value and labor in cultural sector
  3. Learn to develop a dynamic for collective exchange
  4. Understand the possibility of peer to peer support
  5. Initiate alternative exchange model


  1. Each participant has skills/knowledge one can offer and skills/knowledge the other wants to receive
  2. Critical presentation of current online and social media platforms
  3. Analyze the importance of network both online and offline
  4. Work in groups to define the characteristics of an ideal online platform for local and international artistic exchange
  5. Develop specifications
  6. Develop graphic and design
  7. Review technical, legal and financial requirements

Step B – Realize the Creative Incubator Online Platform

  1. Create a role model for creative practices of the future with specific focus on Brazilian emerging artists.
  2. Design and develop the online platform with Open Source Software

Long-term perspective: This workshop will be a starting point for participants to think together about conditions for creativity. They will be the polemic seeds to spread the concepts among their local network.

For the online platform, it is important the participants are fully involved in the design process, so they have a sense of ownership and desire to continue using the platform in the future.

In the long term, the online platform will serve as a network tool for Brazilian artistic community to further critical debate and exchange resources. Also, to promote the profiles of emerging artists and creative practitioners both locally and internationally.

Based on the online activities at this platform, we can monitor and evaluate what local artistic community needs to sustain their creative practices. Schools can use this information to design its curriculum for its education programme.

Concept and Realization : I-Wei Li/SideBySide Studio
Production and Logistic Coordination : A.M.I.
Co-Production : Oi Futoro, Aliance France Rio de Janeiro
Open Source Technical Development : Quentin Drouet
Workshop Assistance : Darine Ameyed

Special thanks to the following people for their valuable contribution to the workshop:

Anne Roquigny [FR] New Media Curator

Baruch Gottlieb [CA|DE] Conceptural and New Media Artist

Kyd Campbell [DE|CA] New Media Curator, Founder of Tinynoise

Pierre Bongiovanni [FR] Director of La Maison de Laurentine, Art Critic

Quentin Drouet [FR] SPIP Specialist, New Media Curator

Maria ptqk [SP|DE] New Media Curator, Cyberfeminist

Ela Kagel [DE] New Media Curator

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