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About I-Wei Li

Friday 20 November 2009, by I-WEI LI

I-Wei Li 李怡衛 (DE / CA / TW)

I-Wei Li positions herself as a ‘contexterin’ – a title composed by 3 parts ‘context - er - in’ in German, meaning a female person who aims to generate new contexts in her creative practice.

In 2008, she established SideBySide Studio in Berlin, Germany as an international platform situated between art, economy, and crisis. Known for its intimate and critical exchanges, SideBySide Studio is now a creative hub for many international creative practitioners to share their visions. Together with a team of interdisciplinary and dedicated experts, it aims at producing and supporting experimental art projects and critical researches on sustainable creative practices in the international context. In particular, it gives great importance to cross-discipline exchanges between Europe (France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, UK), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay), North America (Canada, U.S.A.) and Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan).

As a curator and producer, she has worked with numerous art festivals and museums worldwide, including Ars Electronica, D’abord les forêts, Transmediale, Oi Futoro, and the Hermitage Museum.

As a researcher, she connects anthropology through culinary practices in different cultures. Since 2019, she focus on sustainable food practises by indigenous tribes in Taiwan.

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