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Monday 25 January 2010, by I-WEI LI

VALU€S note VALU€S, Courtesy of Pierre Bongiovanni

An interactive performance by I-Wei Li for Transmediale 2010 in Berlin.

05/02 20-23 hrs
06/02 19-23 hrs

Hause of World Cultures, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin

Production : « Sidebysidestudio (Berlin) »« Transmediale (Berlin) »
Coordination : « Sklunk (France) »
Software Design : « Le Chiendent (France) »
Special thanks to Thomas Pigache for sound design

The values of art and artists seem to share identical misunderstanding of the chaotic stock market: the world of art, like the world of finance, seems to obey laws are still unclear yet obliged everywhere.

What are the ingredients that add value to an artwork or reputation of an artist?

VALU€S attempts to resolve this stressful and difficult issue by allowing each artist to know exactly one’s market value through one-one-one analysis.

The performance has been covered by 2010LAB TV as "Price and Value of Creative Work"

Other video clips also available at Cyland Media Art Lab by Xpertina Marilu.

Character Profile
Dr. Li
A great mystery surrounds the exact date and place of birth of Dr. Li, experts do not agree among themselves and Doctor remains silent on this issue. Recently, a Korean newspaper claims Dr. Li is an extraterrestrial. After reading this article, Dr. Li just smiled.

Dr. Li has established several research laboratories: in the mountains regions of Taiwan where she studied the behavior of indigenous inhabitants of these land, then to Canada where she questioned about the rituals of Western consumerism, then to London where She tried to understand, but without success, the mysteries of the English mind, and now in Berlin where she creates an international research group specializing in the value of art and culture.

Dr. Li has not finished to surprise us: she prepares new research topics and prototypes that could have decisive consequences for the future of humanity. For example:
- An automatic free distribution of kisses installed in the public space
- The development of android robots as playmates in the parks so no children will ever feel alone
- The development of scooter, Love 1.1, powered by transparent and universal emotional energy.

Dr. Bongiovanni
When Dr. Bongiovanni was a child, he had fun practicing therapeutic experiments on snails, trees, and knitting machines.

He is mostly interested in computing fractal before devoting all his research in algorithms of loving conversation. In those circumstances, he came across paths with Dr. Li in a Turkish bath in Acapulco.

Fascinated by the approach of libidinal economy and its relations between African shamanism and design of the electric scooter, he decided to participate actively in the business of development and advocacy about the value.

Now he is proud to say each day: Doctor Li forever.

Dr. Pigache
Dr. Pigache graduated from military medical school of Guantanamo. He is a world renown specialist in Neurobiology after publishing his first book "The Proper Use of Drugs With Prisoners" (Truth editions - 2002). He also loves dogs more than prisoners.

Dr. Drouet
After spending years in the handball competitions, Dr. Drouet participated in 3 rounds of the world championship (the first in cycling, the second in gliding, and the last in canoe kayaking). These experiences helped him to understand the human soul and the mysteries of the world.

After becoming an architect of electronic communication networks, Dr. Drouet devoted himself to improve the conditions for a less jammed neck.


VALU€S, Courtesy of Anne Roquigny Dr. Pigache, Courtesy of Pierre Bongiovanni Dr. Drouet after VALU€S, Courtesy of Anne Roquigny Dr. Drouet, Courtesy of Anne Roquigny Dr. Bongiovanni, Courtesy of Anne Roquigny Dr. Li, Courtesy of Pierre Bongiovanni VALU€S, Courtesy of Pierre Bongiovanni VALU€S, Courtesy of I-Wei Li VALU€S, Courtesy of I-Wei Li VALU€S, Courtesy of I-Wei Li VALU€S, Courtesy of Christine Kriegerowski VALU€S Preparation, Courtesy of Christine Kriegerowski Dr. Li explains VALU€S, Courtesy of Christine Kriegerowski Dr. Li, Courtesy of Pierre Bongiovanni

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