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What Is The WAVE?

Sunday 24 January 2010, by I-WEI LI


The world seems to unfold under the sign of continuous instability. Whether economical, political, ecological or ethical, all strains of thought and action seem to function with precarious and volatile nature. The world of arts and culture, even media and entertainment, evidently do not escape from such turmoil.

The period ahead will undoubtedly inaugurate powerful rearrangements and the current situation demands cultural workers to reboot their experimental thinking devices. Of course, the upcoming rapid challenges can be expected but the key is elsewhere; across individuals and collective entities who have not grown into a stabilized theoretical framework to define their work practices.

Questions about alternative economies - different methods of exchanging values and products become more acute at the time of recent crisis. Such urgency directs our attention to recapitulate active solidarity and re-evaluate the values of art and culture through other different critical discourses and innovative experimentation.

This ferment is at once chaotic and fertile. It is too early to define and to classify existing sustainable models: too few are executed and many have become immediately obsolete. But it is not too early to try to detect, identify and report them with critical attention. "The Wave" is such initiative that will investigate alternative possibilities while stimulating critical discussions.


1°) – 6 8 panelists including intellecturals, artists, philosophers, economists are invited to discuss issues related to « art / culture / innovation / economy »
2°) – Each WAVE event is filmed and broadcast live via internet platform
3°) – Internet users can chat online to participate the discussion in real time
4°) – WAVE documentation will be archived on internet platform and published into a multimedia book.


Production: « Relais Culture Europe (Paris) »
Coordination: « Sidebysidestudio (Berlin) »
Online Technical Support : « Sklunk» (Paris), « arscenic » (Lxembourg)

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