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Monday 15 February 2010, by I-WEI LI

The WAVE in Berlin is just the beginning, our discussion will not be limited by the physical space and time. With the WAVE Forum, we will continue to reflect what is valuable and innovative in our creative practices.

This forum also serves as a platform to link panelists and participants in different sessions, so the questions raised in each session will continue to echo to the next and circulate back to each other.

To participate, you need to register with a valid email address. This forum is moderated to avoid spam and inappropriate content.

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  • WAVE Forum

    3 March 2010 19:13, by Engelbert, Arthur

    Do you know the concept of the documenta 11 by Okui Enwezor?

    I guess you know it. But in comparison to the former series of
    conferences and exhibitions at different places organized by Enwezor, I believe your idea of the WAVE is a better way to
    communicate art.
    Waves come and go: You can bring every position in a place depend on the right moment and the right wave.

    The location is both local and global. But the place itself is real and fixed.
    You can not move the place (its always difficult). There is actually a play with
    time and relevance:
    Is the WAVE a concentration of time relating to place or to no one place?
    Some waves are different and in the end every wave is individual. The waves
    are anyway not equal. And maybe the challenge of every wave is to participate in
    a bigger movement: the sea.

    The wave is nothing the sea is all. The view from one WAVE is always necessary but not enough: a wave is a
    contradiction of art and life: a wave does not exist if you look at the sea
    (you can not the sea at all) and a wave exists as a wave only for a moment
    (but anyplace).
    If you discuss this paradox you will get another definition of the
    observer of art.

    Perhaps we should go back into the tradition and “come back”
    with an idea of a modern Cézanne. We all know his immovable mountain (Mont
    Sainte-Victoire) from many paintings. Cézanne’s movable, irritating perception (his paintings are both an image of mountain and a visual work of the observer) is no longer irritating but in our time the flow of waves are disturbing our perception. In other words: The disorder of our system of perception and realities is changing. The instability of our perception is more complex than the metaphor of a roamer wave can “focus”.

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  • WAVE Forum

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