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SideBySide Studio Newsletter 1

Wednesday 10 March 2010, by I-WEI LI

Hallo from Berlin!

It is a real pleasure to introduce the first edition of SideBySide Studio Newsletter! Special thanks to Arscenic for sharing the technology. Feedback is always welcome.

Next Kunst Apotheke Salon 18.03.10 at SideBySide Studio
The WAVE Forum and future sessions in Paris, Ljubljana, and Reims.
VALU€S in Transmediale 10 and online interactive performance
kisskillkrisis via Facebook and Twitter

Next Kunst Apotheke Salon 18.03.10 at SideBySide Studio

In this session, we will reflect on issues related to art and environment with emphasis on the values generated in social and cultural activities:

What are the relationships between the cultural production and the business strategies of branding? What are the implications of blending or erasing the divide between the arts and the purposes of branding in private and public spaces?

We are proud to announce the following presentations:

Limbus Europae
Bernd Richter – artist / event organizer – Berlin
Etienne Allaix – artist / event organizer – Berlin

Limbus Europae was initiated in October 2009 by two artists, Bernd Richter and Etienne Allaix, who had no curatorial experiences and who would never have thought to organize such events. The idea was to show ephemeral art, that’s why each episode only lasts for four hours. That is to say, the invited artists create site specific works especially for this evening: they work so much for themselves as well as for the audience. Limbus Europae has no connection with any economical purpose, nothing is to be sold, no entry fee, no advertising, nor luminous signage on the door, everything is through word of mouth.

Mysterious anti-war monument
Candice Novak – Journalist – Berlin, Hawaii
Tim Pinault – photographer – Boston

Candice Novak writes about culture, history, politics and business and anything that mainstream news sources aren’t covering. Born and raised in Hawaii, Candice studied art history, literature, German and journalism.

Tim Pinault manages a visual arts lab at the University of Massachussetts, Boston. Tim is braving the ridiculous weather of New England while working on the art of collodion photography – a 19th century photography process involving metal-plate negatives and lots of quasi-illegal chemicals. Tim, born and raised in New Hampshire, has his Bachelors in Fine Arts in Photography.

Tim and Candice - partners in live, art, crime and other things – recently discovered a secret anti-war monument in the no-man´s land of the once Berlin Wall-border area now under siege of condo-building contractors. They are interested in comparing the politically-endorced monuments in the history-thick area with the unofficial one they found.

Social Design Tao Wang – researcher / consultant – Berlin

Tao Wang joined socialdesignsite/Segroup (Systemic Excellence Group) in November 2009 as a researcher. He’s responsible for strategic development and controlling of the project. He studied history and strategic management and gained experiences in consulting industry. Tao Wang is interested in business development and fundraising for social entrepreneurs.

Visual thinking Anna Lena Schiller – graphic artist - Berlin

After having spent three years at The KaosPilots, a Danish university for creativity and social innovation, Anna Lena Schiller started up her own business that encompasses multiple disciplines of visual thinking. She specializes in graphic recording, infographics and visual facilitation. Anna Lena has worked with companies ranging from international businesses to small start-ups, as well as freelancers and NGOs.

2. The WAVE Forum and future sessions in Paris, Ljubljana and Reims.
After receiving feedback from The WAVE Berlin panelists and great interest from the audience, we sense the need to continue our discussion. Now, the WAVE Forum has been initiated online so the discussion will not be limited by physical space and time and the questions raised in each session will echo to the next panel and circulate back to the participants. This forum will also serve as a platform to link the panelists and audience participated in different sessions.

For WAVE Forum, click here
For WAVE Berlin documentation, click here

We are in the process of finalizing the programme for The WAVE in Paris, Ljubljana and Reims in 2010.

3. VALU€S in Transmediale 10 and online interactive performance
After performing VALU€S at Transmediale 10, many cultural workers around the world are keen to experience our breakthrough technology to find out their own value as a contemporary cultural worker. Now, with our online interactive performance, you will be able to find out your value in real time!

For VALU€S documentation, click here
For VALU€S online interactive performance, click here

4. kisskillkrisis available via Facebook and Twitter
KissKillKrisis is an online initiative by SideBySide Studio to connect worldwide cultural workers who are concerned about the social and economical values generated by creative practices in the time of crisis. One can join us via Facebook or Twitter.

For kisskillkrisis on facebook, click here
For kisskillkrisis on Twitter, click here

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