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SideBySide Studio Newsletter 7

Friday 30 March 2012, by I-WEI LI

Good day from Berlin, Cuba, Andresy and Disney,
Here are the news I would like to share with you in spring 2012:

  • Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 14: Independent Publishing, 05.05.2012, Berlin, Germany
  • MAC / SAN in Havanna Biennale, May 2012, San Agustin, Cuba
  • Creativity and Territory Symposium / Colloque Créativité et territoires, 22.06.2012, Andresy, France
  • Bambi Hunter - Critical research on Walt Disney
  • Digibap – VIP: The End of a Great Ambition / la fin d’une belle ambition

Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 14: Independent Publishing
05.05.2012, Alte Finanzamt, Berlin (TBC)

The next Kunst Apotheke Salon will explore the challenges within independent publishing and facilitate the collaborations within chain of independent distribution. The panel will include self-publishing writers, independent publishers, bookstores, and media. This session will also be part of Unendliche festival and mark the launch of Kombinat Literatur Berlin platform.

The goal of KAS is to facilitate critical exchange among cultural workers, in particular to widen strategies to sustain creative practices. For more information about Kunst Apotheke Salon, please visit here

MAC / SAN in Havanna Biennale, May 2012
MAC / SAN (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de San Agustin) is a Franco-German-Cuban platform that will be launched at the Havana Biennial in May 2012. MAC/ SAN is developed to strengthen and diversify networks on the geographical Europe-Caribbean axis while developing collaborations on the America and the Caribbean axis. The project is an intercultural cooperation focusing on the artistic impact on sustainable development and renewal of economic and political systems implemented on the territory of San Agustin.

MAC / SAN is initiated by the artists Candelario, Erik Göngrich (Germany), Stefan Shankland (France - Switzerland) and Commissioner Aurelie Sampeur (Cuba-France - Germany). In the new development perspective, MAC / SAN wishes to consolidate its recent association with curator Catherine Sicot (France-Canada) and initiate a new commissioner with the I-Wei Li (Germany-Canada-Taiwan) to:

      • reflect on alternative curatorial approaches,
      • offer new territories to apply alternative models,
      • explore funding models contributing to the growth of local economies

Creativity and Territory Symposium / Colloque Créativité et territoires
22.06.2012, Andresy, France

The symposium examines art and nature in relation to the major developments of Greater Paris and river la Seine with support from ville d’Andrésy, Maison Laurentine, Institut Charles Cros, Centre d’histoire culturelles Sociétés contemporaines (Versailles), Maison des Scienses de l’Homme Paris Nord

With following presenters:

      • Alain Chaneaux, directeur de la Culture, Ville Andrésy
      • Pierre Bongiovanni, Maison Laurentine
      • Sylvie Dallet, Institut Charles Cros
      • Jacky Deneuil, plate forme créativités et territoires
      • Pedro Marzoratti, artiste
      • Rémi Caritey, écrivain
      • I-Wei Li, curatrice (Berlin)
      • Nicolas Bralet, musicien

Bambi Hunter - Critical research on Walt Disney
Simulacrum of innocent childhood and simulacrum of modern savage are two sides of the same story. Disney is a caricature of childhood, so is game hunting as a caricature of wild adventure.

Some dare to hunt the real deer but who dares to kill Bambi?

Since 2008, SideBySide Studio has focused its research on Walt Disney, the ultimate pop culture producer. We don’t aim to kill the Bambi but we want to understand the expansion and consequences Disney’s soft fascism. We welcome anyone who likes to join us for this adventure.

Digibap – VIP: The End of a Great Ambition / la fin d’une belle ambition
Please scroll down for French version
At the request of A.M.I. (Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices), Marseille, I conceptualized the project Digibap to work on artistic activism and cultural innovation in the crisis time with 12 interdisciplineary ‘VIP’s (artist, activist, and researcher) from Brazil, PACA Euro region, West and Central Africa. After the first ‘VIP’ session in Rio de Janeiro in December 2011, noticing the incompetence and lack of preparation from the A.M.I. team, I decided to cease all my collaborations with this ‘institution’. For details, please read ‘Why I leave?’

The irony is to see that A.M.I. continued to appropriate my text and use the fundamental concepts that I designed for its own propaganda (both without giving any credits to my authorship).

A.M.I.’s innovation is Canada Dry and its advertising slogan could be:

"A.M.I. looks like innovation, it’s as exciting as innovation … but it is not the real innovation."

À la demande de L’ A.M.I. association de Marseille, j’ai conceptualisé le projet Digibap ("travailler sur l’activisme artistique et l’innovation culturelle en période de crise") avec 12 "VIP" (artistes, activistes et chercheurs) originaires du Brésil, d’Afrique et d’Europe.

Après la première «VIP» session de Rio de Janeiro en Décembre 2011, compte tenu de l’incompétence et du manque de préparation de l’équipe de l’AMI, j’ai décidé de cesser toute collaboration avec cette «institution». Pour plus de détails, lire: «Pourquoi je pars?"

L’ironie, c’est de voir que A.M.I. continue à s’approprier mes textes et utilise les concepts fondamentaux que j’ai conçu pour sa propre propagande (sans me créditer explicitement d’ailleurs).

A.M.I. est le Canada Dry de l’innovation et son slogan publicitaire pourrait être:

"A.M.I. ressemble à de l’innovation, c’est aussi excitant que de l’innovation ... mais ce n’est pas de l’innovation."

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