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Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 11: Art Prostitution vs. Political Correctness

Wednesday 15 September 2010, by I-WEI LI

"No Soul For Sale" was printed on Tate Modern’s invitation for its 10th anniversary. Perhaps we are not selling our ‘immaterial labour’ (Maurizio Lazzarato) so easily yet we often treat our life as creative projects (Luc Boltanski). Chris Dercon, next director of Tate Modern, describes creative practitioners today as zombies and vampires due to the precarious working conditions we face and endless free services we are willing to offer.

When self-exploitation seems to be the norm as a survival strategy, how is it possible for cultural workers to say ‘no’?
Without existential security, what about our ability to challenge?
Has contemporary art been completely absorbed by the thought of political correctness?

Together with MAAS MEDIA, we have invited the founder and artist of Artout – professional artist escort service and chief editor of Luxemburg Journal – critical social analyzes and left praxis for the discussion. In the same evening, Artout will present its first e-book edition. For Artout e-book download, click here

Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 11

20:00 - 23:00

MetzerStraße 9
10405, Berlin

Rumbalotte is the new Literature and concert bar in Prenzlauer Berg. It is run by Bert Papenfuss, a well known writer and poet who is also responsible for KAFFE BURGER and its famous Literature Nights and party events ie Wladimir Kaminer, Russendisko.
Recent review about Rumbalotte, click here

Panel Biography
Anton Koslov Mayr – artist/author- Paris
Anton graduated from Harvard and EHESS in Paris. Currently, he teaches as associate professor of cultural and political anthropology at the American Graduate School in Paris. He is the founder of Artout – professional artist escort services.

Per Platou – artist/curator - Oslo
Per co-directed the art group Motherboard with Amanda Steggell from 1995-2008, a collaboration that produced a large number of performances, installations, seminars, worklabs and other activities closely connected to live and media art. In the nineties, Per was an active member of the first ever internet rock band, Res Rocket Surfer, and co-founded the offspring band Nood which released 2 CDs and performed internationally for many years. He has produced and performed a number of works for theatre and film, as well as sound art installations.

He is currently holding the position as director for PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway).

Mario Mentrup – actor/filmmaker/musician/editor of MAAS MEDIA - Berlin
Mario was an active member of GRUPPE M, this collective worked anonymously since 1991. In 1996, the collective revealed its membership - Claudia Basrawi, Michael Horn, Mario Mentrup – and continued working together till 2002. Meanwhile, Mario also played as guitarist for KNOCHEN-Girl band.

Since 1999, Mario works as the editor and co-publisher of the interdisciplinary book publishing house, MAAS MEDIA Verlag. Currently, Mario directs and produces experimental, fiction and art films with Volker Sattel. He also gives musical performances with PASADENA PROJEKT.

Christina Kaindl – psychologist/political scientist/Chief Editor of Luxemburg - Berlin
Christina has formerly been working for Das Argument, a Marxist journal for Philosophy and Social Science. Her freelance projects includes publishing, conference management, and teaching at University (Stendal). She is especially interested in the changing mode of production, in how neo-liberal politics and working culture affect the individualism and its self-concepts, and how this can be dealt with in arts while "the artist" being a role-model within the neo-liberal commercialism.

‘Luxemburg - critical social analyzes and left praxis’ is edited by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, that itself is linked to the German Left Party. It is centered around questions of strategies on social movements by either grassroots or German, European and global Left institutions. It is meant to link critical, left and anti-capitalist discussions within politics and arts, economy and everyday-life. Special attention is aimed on connecting left cultural discussions with political and strategic questions.

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